Morphe James Charles Artistry Palette

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The James Charles Artistry Palette encourages make up experimentation, so get creative with this rainbow of riotous pigments and unleash your inner artist…

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Morphe x James Charles Palette

The color never ends with this Morphe James Charles Palette of 39 dialed-up and deeply pigmented shades. With four rows of stunning color combos and one row of super-sized shades, you’ll be ready to take on any look you can dream up. So go on and go for it. And don’t hold back.


  • 1st Row

    Canvas (matte cream), Ringlight (shimmer pearl), So Good (metallic true gold), 518 (matte neon orange), Rusted (matte chili orange), Halloween (metallic copper), Wig (metallic warm brass), Tea (matte dark taupe)

  • 2nd Row

    Punch Me (matte latte), Sister (shimmer rose gold), Mary (matte dusty rose), Literally (shimmer flamingo pink), You’re Kidding (matte red), Shook (metallic cranberry), Boutique (matte maroon), Benny (matte black coffee)

  • 3rd Row

    Flashback (matte true white), Face (shimmer champagne highlight), Tune (matte light peach), Code James (matte sunset orange), 10% Off (matte burnt orange), No Beans (matte warm brown), Spooky (matte true black)

  • 4th Row

    Bee (matte bright yellow), Guac (metallic avocado green), Hello (shimmer blue ice), Playground (matte neon blue), Brother (matte true blue), Artistry (metallic amethyst purple), Love That (matte magenta), Pinkity Drinkity (matte baby pink)

  • 5th Row

    Social Blade (matte lime green), Daddy (matte forest green), Cape Cod (metallic sea foam blue), Cola (matte royal blue), A Cappella (metallic navy blue), Escape (matte plum purple), Single (matte orchid purple), Skip (matte neon pink)

    Why you need it:

    The Morphe James Charles Palette is the most lusted-after palette imaginable. Furthermore, this baby sold out totally within 10 minutes when launched. Infact The Morphe James Charles Palette from the Morphe x James Charles collection is stacked with each shade you would ever require on the grounds that when James Charles says you can make anything, he would not joke about this. For Real.

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