Look at Me Bubble Purifying Foaming Cleanser (CHARCOAL)

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Foam facial cleanser, ideal for all skin types. Formulated with carbon powder, which helps remove dead cells and minimizes the appearance of pores while removing impurities and excess sebum that clogs pores.

Charcoal increases the levels of effectiveness of cleaning, helping to detoxify the skin, since upon removal they facilitate the expulsion of toxins that are acquired by daily exposure to contamination and this helps to reduce the size of the pores.

Chamomile and lavender soothe the skin and make its formula ideal for all skin types, while mint refreshes the skin leaving it clean and smooth.

  • Deep cleans
  • Controls excess sebum
  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Revive dull skin

Shake before using. Gently press the dispenser to extract the appropriate amount of foam and apply to the damp face with a delicate massage in circular movements. Rinse with plenty of warm water.